About Pastor Ron

Becoming A Christian March 1966

Pastor Ron became a Christian by praying the sinner’s prayer in March of 1966 while in the Air Force in Anchorage, Alaska.

Married Dec 1967

In 1967 Pastor Ron met his wife and they were married in December of 1967.

He was active in his church teaching Sunday school and as vice president of the youth group. He was searching for more when he read books about the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Spirit filled summer of 1971

In the summer of 1971 Pastor Ron went to a men’s prayer meeting and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He continued attending the men’s pray meeting, but was still searching for more of God.

Water Baptized Nov 1973

In 1973 Pastor Ron was still searching for more of God and start attending a spirited filled church. They were having a revival and hundreds of people were joining the church. In the fall of 1973 Pastor Ron and his wife were water baptized.

Bible School September 1974

Pastor Ron was learning a lot but still wanted more. In September of 1974 he start attending bible school at the church he was attending.

He had been feeling a call on his life to become a pastor. While he was in bible school he ministered in the children’s church where about 150 children attended each Sunday. Because there were so many visitors, he ministered salvation and baptism of the Holy Spirit to hundreds of children ages 6 – 12. Later he and his wife became the Sunday school superintendents.

Ordained Feb 1978

In February of 1978 Pastor Ron was ordained a pastor and sent out to start a church in Minnesota.

Pastured MN church from 1978 – 1983

Pastor Ron pastured in Minnesota from 1978 – 1983 and then returned to Anchorage, Alaska. He continued to be involved in the church in Anchorage in teaching, intercession and ministry.

Wellspring Ministry 2000 – 2006

In the beginning of 2000 Pastor Ron start attending classes on inner healing. By the fall of 2000 he was working part-time helping with the clients. In the next few months he joined the staff full time. Pastor Ron continued learning more about inner healing as he ministered to clients for the next 5 years. He saw many being healed both emotionally and physically.

Transitional Living Program Ministry 2007 – 2012

Pastor Ron became the resident manager for the ALCC Transitional Living Program. He worked with those who were released from jail and needed a place to live while they found jobs, saved money and adjusted to living as responsible members of the community. Many of them became Christians and learned to live a life without crime.

Missionary 2013 – Present

Pastor Ron is presently retired, but continues working as a missionary in the Philippines. He is working with a local church where he is supportive of the pastor and leaders of the church. He does a variety of ministry including preaching, counseling, evangelism and praying for those who need emotional and physical healing.

The Purpose Of This Website

The purpose of this website is to provide people with scriptures that address common needs and struggles that people have in their lives and in their relationships with God, family, jobs, and social relationships. In addition to scriptures there will be insights from Pastor Ron from his experience ministering to a wide variety of people in many different situations.

Full Disclosure

From time to time I will be adding affilate links to this website including free downloads.  If you download from a link there may be a small payment that is used to support my ministry as a missionary.  Thank you.

God Bless You,

Pastor Ron

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